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Many of you know me as a race announcer but I’m also an athlete or at least I’d like to think I’m one.

In late June I was on a ride and felt some pain in my back and thought it was just a herniated disc or some other small issue that would go away if I just took it easy.
On the weekend of July 9 and 10, I was in Portland Maine to announce a race and my back was hurting so bad I knew I’d be going straight to the doctors as soon as I return home to Northern California.

I saw my doctor and first he ordered an x-ray then he ordered an MRI. This is when my world turned upside down.
While in the MRI chamber I was told that L3 was shattered, a tumor had replaced roughly 60% of it and I was going to be speaking with a doctor shortly.
The doctor immediately admitted me to the hospital where they biopsied the tumor to discover that I was
stage IV with Metastatic Cancer that had originated in my right kidney and metastasized in my spine.

I spent the next 33 days undergoing 2 surgeries and 8 procedures over the course of 17 hours.

The first procedure was to remove as much of the tumor as they could from the back, fuse L2, L3, and L4 as well as add titanium mesh, rods, screws
and other forms of support. The second surgery was from the front where they removed my kidney as well as removing more of the cancer cells from L3 but also using a small portion of the tip of one of my other ribs to help with the regrowth of the bone in my spine.

As you can imagine, I was freaking out quite a bit. Not only did I think I was just going in to deal with a herniated disc August and September are my 2 biggest earning months for this Race Announcer guy who uses the money I make in these months to carry me through my winter slow season. Now I’ve always had other income as a bike fitter, coach, ski shop tech or whatever but without the money from these 2 months I’m screwed ...
plus I’m dealing with the fact that I have stage IV cancer! Not an easy thing to get your head around!

I have to say that I’m blessed beyond measure because over the years I’ve worked with and for several nonprofit and charitable organizations it’s just that I’d been on the other side, I was the one raising money to help everyone else not the one looking for financial assistance. I’ve volunteered my announcing services, worked at reduced rates, and even donated my fee to help the cause but now it’s me that needs the help.

Help came without even asking from the people that gave me my first microphone, the foundation that had asked me some 12 years ago if I’d announce their first 10K, the Talbert Family Foundation. When Julie and Lloyd found out what was going on all they asked was “how much do you need”, “what’s it going to take to keep a roof over your head and your Bills paid until you get on your feet again”.
I was blown away and without their help I’d be in serious trouble.

There are several others that deserve thanks including Steve McGowan for coming up with the truly amazing caricature of me, my intelligent and beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth for coming up with the slogan for Team Sean “Driven to Live”, Robert “Flanny” Flanigan for his super secret Go Fund Me, Colleen Lundrigan for her tirless efforts. Sean “Wattie” Watkins, Heather Jackson, the entire Wattie Ink Crew and Julie & Lloyd Talbert of the Talbert Family Foundation www.talbertfamilyfoundation.org.

Without all of you I simply wouldn’t have made it! You are all blessings to me and have my deepest gratitude.

So if you’ve made it this far and you want to help me out, you want to do something for me to keep my mounting medical bills paid and a roof over my head ... you can
help me out and make a donation ...there’s a way to do that.
Just click the donate now button below.

I love being a Race Announcer more than anything in the world and I love being a small part of each any every one of your finish line moments.
I don’t care if it’s the first Pro or the Final Finisher you are ALL AWESOME.
Much Love and Many Thanks to all of you!

100% of the monies donated to the fund will be donated to Sean to
help defray ongoing expenses for his treatment.
Further, the Talbert Family Foundation is supporting Sean as well.

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