A Little Bit About Alison:

Alison is a very active member of many Los Angeles-based triathlon and trail running groups and has completed over 100 swimming, biking and running endurance events, including three Ironman triathlons, two 50-mile trail runs, six 50k trail runs and ten marathons.  Although she has a family history of breast cancer (BRAC1 gene), it came as a shock to her to be diagnosed with such an aggressive form of breast cancer at the age of 36.  She’s currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments, but still working full time as at attorney with a large television production company.  She is hoping that her positive outlook and strong work ethic will beat this disease! 

A Timeline of Alison's Diagnosis:

- Friday, June 21 - Felt pain in chest; discovered lump.
- Tuesday, June 25 - Appointment with Dr. Karen Virley; referred to imaging center.
- Friday, July 6 - Mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy at the Encino Breast Care Center.
- Monday, July 8 - Diagnosed with triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma.
- Wednesday, July 10 - First oncology consult with Dr. Maurice Berkowitz at the Ray and Patricia Disney Cancer Center; blood tests.
- Thursday, July 11 - PET scan.
- Friday, July 12 - Surgical consult.
- Sunday, July 14 - MRI scan. 
- Monday, July 15 - Bone scan; cancer diagnosed as stage 2b (tumor is 7cm but cancer has not spread to the lymph nodes).
- Tuesday, July 16 - Surgical consult with Dr. Kristi Funk at the Pink Lotus Breast Center.
- Wednesday, July 24 - First chemo treatment (Paclitaxel Taxol) with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Thursday, July 25 - Port-a-cath consultation; surgery pre-op.
- Monday, July 29 - Port-a-cath surgical procedure.
- Wednesday, July 31 - Second chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, August 2 - Plastic surgery consult with Dr. Susan Downey. 
- Wednesday, August 7th - Third chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.  
- Monday, August 12th – Diagnosed as BRAC1 gene positive.
- Wednesday, August 14th - Fourth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.  
- Wednesday, August 14th (evening) - Diagnosed with a blood clot in the right subclavical artery (near the port-a-cath); prescribed blood thinners.
- Wednesday, August 21 - Fifth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, August 30 - Sixth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, September 6 - Seventh chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Monday, September 9 - Surgical consult with Dr. Funk with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, September 13 - Eighth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, September 20 - Ninth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, September 27 - Tenth chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, October 4 - Eleventh chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Friday, October 11 - Twelve chemo treatment with Dr. Berkowitz.
- Tuesday, October 22 - Pre-operative surgical clearance with Dr. Tejas Patel.
- Friday, October 25 - Pre-operative consult with Dr. Funk.
- Tuesday, October 29 - Nipple delay procedure with Dr. Funk.
- Friday, November 1 - Post-operative appointment with Dr. Funk.
- Tuesday, November 5 - Pre-operative consult with Dr. Downey.
- Monday, November 11 - Double mastectomy and insertion of tissue expanders with Dr. Funk and Dr. Downey at Cedars Sinai.
- Friday, November 15 - Post-operative appointment with Dr. Downey; removal of drains.
- Tuesday, November 19 - First tissue expansion with Dr. Downey.
- Friday, November 22 - Post-operative appointments with Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Funk.
- December - January 2014 - Eight more rounds of chemo with Dr. Berkowitz (Double Dose AC).
- March 2014 - Insertion of silicone implants with Dr. Downey.

Upcoming Procedures

July - 12 weeks of chemotherapy.
November - Double mastectomy; insertion of tissue expanders.
January - 8 more weeks of chemotherapy.
March - Insertion of silicone implants.


Your Financial Help

Alison's treatments and related costs are increasing, and that's why her family is asking for your help.  Insurance deductibles ($5,000 a year), co-pay fees for specialist care, breast reconstruction co-pay fees ($2,500), nausea medication, unpaid leaves of absences from work, plus three to five years of closely monitored follow-up care are creating a lot of financial stress for her.   

Upcoming Races

Alison is looking forward to volunteering at Bulldog 25k/50k, Malibu Triathlon (Sprint) and Ironman Tahoe before her first surgery in November. 

Talbert Family Foundation

The Talbert Family Foundation will donate 100% of the monies donated to this fund to Alison and her family to help defray ongoing expenses for her treatment.  Thank you so much for your support.  It means so much to Alison and those closest to her.

100% of the monies donated to the fund will be donated to Alison to
help defray ongoing expenses for her treatment.
Further, the Talbert Family Foundation will match the first $5,000 raised in this fund
and has provided a $5,000 honorarium as well.

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